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Donkey Basketball, Anyone?

I have learned to look for genealogy, family history and local history in interesting and unusual places.  I have been rather successful in searching E-Bay for the towns and names I research.  

A few weeks before Christmas I searched Haverstraw, NY in E-bay and came across this nugget!  It is a poster advertising an event at Haverstraw High School on December 16, 1929-- Donkey Basketball. I believe it is the the police dept. vs. the fire depts.  The poster is in good condition, its a bit faded but it is ninety years old! This seller did an awesome job packing it safely.  

Donkey basketball? I had never heard of such a thing!  From what I can tell it seemed to be a popular fundraising activity ages ago in more rural areas.  I can't imagine riding a donkey, let alone doing it while trying to play basketball. Let's face it, I can't imagine playing basketball, let alone on a donkey.   

What I love most about this little gem is that it lists all the participants!  The two that mad…
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Annie Clark and William Schuler

On this day, February 17 in 1901 my great grandparents Annie Clark of Haverstraw Village and William Schuler of Congers were married at St Peter's Church. I love to think of them walking down the aisle at the church I visited so many times as a girl. 

 This is a clipping from the Rockland County Times.  I have been very lucky to find so many great and family history related clippings at the Hudson River Valley Heritage Historical Newspapers Database, available through the New CityLibrary website.  It is a treasure trove of information! I am grateful to have access to it.  

While the clipping claims they were going to live in Congers, they lived in Haverstraw and raised their seven children there.

Harry from France

Harry Schuler, my second great grandfather was born on this day in 1842 in Paris, France.  I refer to him as Harry from France to differientiate him from the other Harrys in my family, of which there are many and because he is my Schuler, who got on a boat, from France and came to America. 

Harry did not come alone, he was about 2 years old and travelled with his mother, the elusive Catharina Blick and his older sister Leonie.  Catharina was 25 and Leonie was 4.  They reunited with Louis Schuler and settled for several years in New Orleans, where Louis and Catherine had seven more children.   There is a lot more research to be done (isn't there always?) but I am confident in saying that all but three of their children reached adulthood and all but one, stayed in New Orleans, while all the others moved north to New York. 

Harry's first New York address is Clinton Street, where he lived with his brother Louis and his wife Ellen.  Soon Harry meets Elizabeth Cassidy, who lived on…

New York Family History Conference

I am off to New York today.  I am attending the New York Family History Conference hosted every two years by the New York G & B.  This year's conference is in Tarrytown, NY so I will be in my old backyard.  

This is my first trip back home since 2015.  While I do want to see some friends and visit a bit with family, I am really focused on the conference and want to experience every minute of it.  I have limited time and feel like I am squeezing an awful lot in to a short amount of time.  I would have loved to have set aside some time to do some research, visit the Rockland Room of the New City Library or walk through some new cemeteries, especially the one in Stony Point, NY.  I know a lot more than I did when I first started researching and there are many new ancestral places to visit.  The biggest obstacles to my research always seem to be time and money.  

Since I am staying in Tarrytown, I am hoping to make time for a quick excursion to the Old Dutch Church and Burying Groun…

Leonie Schuler Goulemus: A mystery in two or more parts

Leonie Madeleine Schuler was born in France in 1840.  She immigrated in March of 1845 to America with Catherine, her mother and her younger brother, Henri, known in the US as Harry. (Harry is my great great grandfather.)   

 The family reunited with their husband/father, Louis Schuler and settled with many other French/Germans in the fourth ward of New Orleans.  Louis and Catherine went on to have seven more children.  By 1880, Leonie is the only family member remaining in Louisiana. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in the tomb pictured above.   Also in this tomb is Frank/Francois Goulemus, Leonie's husband and six other people, Kleins, Karchers, Vitranos, all names I do not recognize.  Why do I not know these people? You wouldn't be buried with friends or casual acquaintances, members of what in genealogy circles we would refer to as the F.A.N. club, would you? My thinking is that these six other people must be relatives or closely connected to Leonie or her husband.  But w…

Milton Morgan and Martha Hall

My next big research project will be to learn more about Milton Morgan and his wife Martha Hall.  They were life long residents of Monroe, in Orange County, NY. Born in 1847, Milton survived the Battle of New Orleans, where he was captured and taken prisoner of war. 

 He was released and spent the rest of his life as a miner in the iron mines of Orange County. 150 years ago today, on July 4, 1868 at the First Presbyterian Church in Goshen,NY Milton married Martha Hall. They are the parents of Josephine Rose my great great grandmother. Happy 4th of July.  

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I can hardly believe that it's time for yet another year end review of my family history research.  Where does the time go? 
My biggest challenges continue to be time and distance.  I struggle to find a balance between doing all I want to do with my research and maintaining this woefully neglected blog with work and my other real life obligations.  I also continue to work around the fact that for now, I am miles away from the areas I want to research and can't run out to the local history room of the New City Library with a question, take a leisurely stroll through the cemetery or drive by an old family home.  I continue to learn how to be a different kind of researcher.  
    I spent time this year learning about my Schuler family and how they made it from France to New Orleans to New York. I obtained death certificates and made other connections using newspapers (English and French!) and probate records.  My great-great grandfather Harry's sister, Leona is the only Schuler…